ummm… i notice some of you really want my site! so ummmm i guess the only fair way is for the ppl who want my site to put their name under this post and ill fo from there! 😀 Good luck!!!!!!


Im not really quiting for a pasific reason its just that i dont think this is fun anyone!!!! I mean I have a lot of freinds and id rather hang out with them. And i just dont feel like doing this any more!


Any one who wants my site can have it just tell me in a comment below!


But i will still be talking on to pelopig and eveyone every once in a while.

The only thing i basicley quit is posting about webkinz. I will still be on tho when i can! BYE! 😀


And Penlopig i did not hang up on you! My phone died. Sorry about that! And i left my charger at missys! So this is the only way i can talk to you right now untill she gives me my charger tomrrow! sorry!

Ok sorry i did not post this yesterday like i said! I went to the high school football game!  WE WON!!!!! WHOOO HOOO! Ok so i used random.org to find the winner and the winner is Billy! With comment 327! congradulations! Let me look thro my dock and find it! And i will send right away!

UPDATE! I cant find the jelly tree so would you like a raccoon frigde and a yingyang blossom? If not tell me and ill try to find something else!

Ok the contest going on two posts down will end on Friday, so you have untill then to post your name to try and win the jelly lolipop tree. Good Luck! And rember you can post your name as many times as you want!!!  😉



OMG! If you love joe jonas or the jonas brothers you chould so click the banner!!!! Im a member add me if you joined! My accounts heaether (yes thats how its spelled when i was making a username i accidentley put the extra e 😛  )  If you do join say that heaether told you to come! 😛

Ok all you have to do is enter your name for a chance to win a jelly lolipop tree! you can enter you name as MANY times as you want! So you could enter 100 times if you really wantest too! Just gives you a better chance to win! So tell all your friends! Cuz remeber if they win you could always trade with them! 😀 😛

Hey guys sorry i havent been posting or relpying to your guyses commentes! Ive been so busy latley! Getting ready for school and stuff! But now that school has started i probally wont be on much cuz ill probally have a lot of homework! So ya! Ill try and reply your all comments just give me some time!